Funding Partners

Glasgow City Council, GCC,  is our major funding partner. The Council secured funding for the garden through a number of sources. These were: the Vacant & Derelict Land Fund, the Food Growing Strategy and the City Centre Strategy . The project was also supported by in-kind contributions from GCC, NRS Parks Development – Landscape Design Team and NRS Community Payback Team. NRS is short for Neighbourhoods, Regeneration and Sustainability. 

Biophilia is the term coined by the Harvard naturalist Dr. Edward O. Wilson to describe what he saw as humanity's "innate tendency to focus on life and lifelike processes," and to be drawn toward nature, to feel an affinity for it, a love, a craving. Natalie Angier

Do human beings have within them an innate sense of connection to other forms of life? If so, can this natural feeling, this "biophilia," both enhance our respect for ourselves as human and reinforce our sense of obligation to treat other forms of life with loving care? T. H. Watkins